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What is Dri-Design?

Dri-Design wall panel systems are a sophistocated, engineered pressure-equalised system fabricated from a single skin, non-combustible metal in a paint, powdercoat or natural finish.

The 'Super-fast Install' system goes on up to twice as fast as competitors with  interlocking, self draining junctions that do not require sealants. 

The single skin panel mitigates any risk of delamination like composite core alternatives and allows the use of exotic materials like Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel or Coreten Steel.

When used in conjunction with Kingspan Quadcore Karrier substructure the systems has been tested to BS8414 standards for multi-storey facade combustibility resistance.

You can be sure that a Dri-Design facade does not put your building or people at risk.

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